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In this article

Usage Reporting Dashboard

The Usage Reporting feature allows a user to enter total usage for a specific asset for a specific Reporting Date.

Weekly, on Fridays, the Reporting Date updates anew and users are encourage to immediately, and thus consistently, enter the total meter reads or miles for applicable assets.

Note - if an asset does not have reporting possible, e.g. it has no electric or fuel-powered engine, it can be excluded from the reporting and utilization calculation process. See below.

The first column indicates the Asset details:

  • Your Asset ID (from the user)
  • IronUp Asset ID (auto-assigned) - coming soon
  • Manufacturer andModel name, if available. If this has not been supplied, it will be denoted as "Unknown Model Name"

Next, the user is given controls to put in the total usage. The user has the ability to select the unit of measure - "Hours" or "Miles".

Next, the Reporting Date is indicated to the user. These dates are one week apart and it represents the beginning of the window of time they can enter date. 

The Usage Reporter (or User) column indicates which user entered the usage report.

Next, the Project column shows which Project this asset is attached to.

Exclude from Utilization Calcs

Is usage reporting not possible for a specific asset? Do you now want a specific asset to count towards utilization? Check this box and it will no longer show up in the list of assets needing usage reporting.

Usage Reporting, Filter Controls

Need to look up assets from a previous reporting period? Need to check out what a specific user inputted? Use the "Filters" controls, in the top right, to filter your view of assets.

Important note on default filters for usage reporting

  • Status: set to "Incomplete"

Here are the details and available options for each field in the filter controls:


  • Incomplete: this filters to all assets that have not, yet, had usage inputted
  • Complete: this filters to all assets that have had usage inputted

Reporting Date:

  • This displays a list of all specific reporting dates

Note - Reporting is in one week intervals. The Reporting Date is the Friday that the interval opens. Users are encourage to consistently enter usage reporting the same day they are notified.


  • This displays a list of all users in your organization


  • This displays a list of all projects in your organization

Exclude from Utilization Calcs:

  • This removes any assets that have been marked to exclude from utilization calcs

Usage Reporting via Mobile App

Usage reporting is also possible with IronUp Jobsite our mobile app.

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