Usage Reporting via Mobile app

In this article, we show you how to complete Usage Reporting through the IronUp mobile app.

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Usage Reporting in Mobile App

Within the mobile app, go to the " Reporting" tab in the bottom navigation. Here, you will see all assets that are:

  • Accessible, or assigned, to the user. Assets will be those to the projects to which the user has access.
  • Assets that have not been marked for exclusion from utilization calculation.
  • Are available in the current Reporting Date.

Below, you will see what happens when a user clicks on a field to enter the total usage at that point in time.

The user can assign two units of measure:

  • Hours
  • Miles

The "ID" is the auto-assigned IronUp Asset ID, created when the asset entered the system.

The Project name is also indicated.

Lastly, in the top right you'll see the "Reporting Date", which is this instance of the weekly usage report. 

Reminder - usage reporting is once per week.

Excluding an Asset from Utilization Calculation

Does an asset not have usage reporting capable (e.g. no engine or power source)? Want to intentionally exclude assets from utilization reporting?

Then, swipe that asset left, as you can see below. Once this happens, the asset will be excluded from usage reporting in future updates.

Note - should you want to reverse this change, a user with appropriate access can do this in the online IronUp platform.

Usage for a specific asset can also be entered through the online web app (in case you don't have phone access). Find out how.

Also, usage reporting is critical to powering lots of advanced features that help you understand where you may be renting unnecessarily. Find out more.

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