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In this article, we will show you how to fill out the Asset Details in your quote.

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Asset Details Screen

In the above image there is only one type of equipment requested. 

Important - for each type requested, you will see one row in the table.

For each type requested, you'll click on the "Your Quote" button to confirm:

  • Quantity
  • If Alternative Types are available, use of them
  • Preferred models confirmation
  • Age maximum confirmation
  • Confirmation of any specific requirements via renter comment

You can also easily tell which asset types have not been completed by you, as they are marked "INCOMPLETE".

Looking at the table on the page, let's review the columns and their concepts:

  • Alternative Types: to help you in case of lack of availability of their primary asset type desired, your renter may use the IronUp feature to specify an "Alternative Type". These are acceptable asset types, down to the most specific level of the asset class, e.g. accepting an 80-90 HP instead of a 70-80HP asset. If your quote is for an Alternative Type, you'll find a spot to note it in the quote interface (more below).
  • Preferred Models: the renter may request optional or required Preferred Models. This model database is built and hosted by IronUp, so you can be confident in the accuracy and consistency of any models communicated.
  • Age Maximum: an optional feature of IronUp is for our renter users to require an Age Maximum. In the example, below, the user did not require an Age Maximum.
  • Specific Requirements / Comment: if the renter supplies a custom comment for this asset type, a green check will be indicated.

Detailing Your Availability

For each asset type requested, IronUp provides a very easy-to-use response interface that walks you through a simple response builder.

The first question is: "are you available to provide this asset?"

Note - if you do not have this asset available, that will end the quote response immediately.

Detail at the Top

At the top, the following is indicated for each asset type:

  • Response completion status
  • Quantity required
  • Age Maximum, if used
  • Delivery Window required

Asset Type Rental Rate

After confirming availability, you'll be prompted to complete this part of your quote by including the:

  • Daily Rate
  • Weekly Rate
  • Monthly Rate

This rate should be inclusive of any discounts or contracted rental rates.

Note - if user used Preferred Models, you would have been presented to confirm your availability for those model(s).

Lastly, feel free to enter an optional comment for this asset type. This is useful if there are any unique capabilities, specifications of the asset that the renter needs to know about.

Click "Save & Mark Complete" to finish detailing your quote for this asset type.

Below is what you will see after marketing the asset type "complete".

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