Other Details

In this article, we walk you through how to respond to the inputs within the "Other Details" step of your quote builder.

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Other Details Screen

"Other Details" contains the following:

Contract-enabled terms:

  • Surcharges
  • Rate Multipliers
  • Service Commitments
  • Invoice Frequency

Confirmation you understand the customer may provide the following, after the winning quote is selected:

  • PO number
  • Insurance method

Details of total cost and upload of quote pdf/file from your system


IronUp has built standards for surcharges around four surcharge areas:

  1. Environmental / Emissions Surcharges: indicate, as a % total cost (don't know this - leave blank and comment in your response that's why you're leaving blank)
  2. Rental Protection: indicate, as a % total cost (don't know this - leave blank and comment in your response that's why you're leaving blank)
  3. Delivery / Pickup Surcharges: the fixed cost per transport leg, for delivery or pickup
  4. Rental Fuel Surcharges: the fixed cost per gallon you will charge if fuel is needed after call off

Rate Multipliers

Not all suppliers have the same rate multiplier terms for overhours usage. For 1,2 and 3 shifts per day, indicate your rate multiplier, e.g. "1.0" or "1.5" or "2.0".

Service Commitments

For professional equipment managers and renters, service performance is a critical KPI between suppliers. Indicate your service response times, in hours, for an initial and final response to an outage. Additionally, mention your Repair Policies.

Have a link to an online resource? No problem, include that here.

Invoice Frequency

The renter will supply their requirements for invoice frequency - 28 or 30 days.

Confirmation of Documentation

Accept that understand the renter will supply a PO number and insurance policy, after the winning bid is selected.

Shipping / Delivery Location

IronUp enables the renter to exactly specify where they want the asset delivered. 

Note - self transport/pickup is possible within the IronUp platform and will be noted here, if part of the agreement. If self transport is enabled, we will only ask that you confirm you understand you have no delivery responsibility.

Total Costs, Terms Confirmation and Quote File Upload

Lastly, indicate total cost, confirm the quote is accurate and upload a file of your quote that represents what came out of your quoting system.

Important - this provides a feedback loop to you, that your terms are communicated, and gives the renter the chance to confirm your terms are inline in both IronUp and your quote file.

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