In this article, we take a look at the Project Team, the list of users associated with a Project.

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The Project Team

A Project Team in IronUp consists of all users who are associated with that project. You can find this list in the Project details, under the Team tab.

Why Use a Project Team?

Project teams are a handy way of organizing and decluttering the rental experience in IronUp. Users will only be able to see requests and assets associated with projects they are connected to (unless they have been given access to All Projects by an Admin). Users will also only receive emails and notifications related to requests and assets on their projects.

A general best practice, then, is to ensure that all Users in your organization who need access to insights or reporting on a project are added to the project team.

Adding Users to a Project

Note - Only an Admin may add Users to a Project Team.

To add one of your colleagues to a project team, click on the Add Person button above the project team list and type their email address into the window that pops up.

IronUp will automatically scan all email addresses associated with your account.

If there's already an account associated with that email address, you'll see their contact information to confirm before you add them to the project.

If that email is not associated with any existing users in your account, you'll have the ability to create an account for them directly from this interface.

Note - this operation can also be done through the Users page in IronUp. 

Congratulations! You've now added users to your project team. Next, learn about managing project locations in the Locations tab. 

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