Assets Dashboard

In this article, we introduce the Assets features of IronUp, which allows you to improve the management of individual assets in your rented fleet.

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Assets Dashboard

On the main left navigation, click on "Assets" and you'll find the Assets dashboard. The Assets dashboard allows you to edit and view an Asset, filter to a specific Assets and search by Asset name.

The table has seven columns, as you can see below:

  • Manufacturer / Model
  • Status
  • Type
  • Project
  • Utilization
  • Days Until Rate Increase
  • Days Until Next Invoice

Model Details

First, check out the details of the Model. This includes:

  • The Manufacturer and Model name
  • The Asset ID (assigned by you)
  • The IronUp Asset ID (assigned by IronUp)
  • The equipment type, as assigned by the IronUp Equipment Taxonomy

Operational Status

This indicates the operational status of each, specific asset. 

Also, we indicated the "Type" of an asset. For now, all assets in the platform are "Rental". 


We also indicate the Project name to which the asset is assigned.


The utilization is tracked for each asset. As of when this was written, this does require usage reporting via the IronUp web app or mobile app.

Days Until

Tracking the details of the rental agreement, especially points of rate increase as well as the end of the current invoicing cycle is difficult. IronUp automatically connects to your IronUp Request and pulls out critical aspects regarding rate increases and next invoicing cycle.

Ideal to Call Off

Building on the "Days Until..." features, "Ideal to Call Off" is a proprietary IronUp feature that helps users understand which assets should be removed immediately from their rented fleet due to unfavorable cost considerations. This feature turns off for an asset when:

  • Utilization is below an acceptable threshold (default minimum is 40%, but customizable in Settings)
  • Days Until Rate Increase are less than two
  • Days Until Next Invoice is less than four

The exact definition of Ideal to Call Off is controllable within your Settings.

You're off to a great start with Assets! Check out the other features: Service Issues, Issues, Utilization and Inspection.

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