Asset Operation & Call Off

In this article, we guide you through how to use the Asset Operation & Call Off feature. This feature is where you will go to make Call Off requests for any or all assets on-rent for this specific rental agreement/IronUp request. Note - service issue communications are done on the specific asset page.

In this article

Asset Identifying Information

The first 4 columns contain the information you just put in from the previous Asset Details step.

Note - to make a service issue communication for a specific asset, click on the Model name in the first column.

Asset Operation Information

To the right, you'll find key asset operation information:

  • Operational Status: controlled on the specific asset's page, this indicates if the asset is in operation, down, call off requested or pick up completed
  • Call Off Details: if a call off has been requested, click on "View" to see the details, including location and on-site contact
  • Inspection Completed?: this is binary - yes or no

Note - inspections are completed via the IronUp mobile app.

Days Until Rate Increase & Next Invoice

In the top right, you see two pieces of information that related to the request/rental agreement, overall:

  • Days Until Rate Increase: IronUp has a proprietary algorithm that forecasts when your underlying rate will increase. As a reminder, rental agreements typically have three rates - per day, per week, per month. Your total cost for the agreement often changes depending on week - it's very difficult to anticipate for one agreement, let along many agreements. This feature makes it clear when you can expect your total costs for this specific rental agreement to increase.
  • Days Until Next Invoice: the rental invoicing cycle standard is 28 days. Typically, your total costs on a rental invoicing cycle are flat between day 14 and 28. This leads many renters into a complacent period and undesired continued invoicing at day 28. IronUp prevents this and notifies 

The top orange button in the top left is how you call off a specific asset. You can click the top square, below, to select all assets or select one asset at a time. Then, click the orange button "New Call Off Request".

Creating a Call Off Request

The resulting popup screen requires two pieces of information:

  • Call Off Window: date, start time and end time
  • Pickup Location and Contact

The Pickup Location defaults to the initial delivery/shipping location. The Original Contact is also the initial delivery/shipping contact.

Need to change the location? No worries, we've got you covered. Click on "or change location".

Call Off - Select Location

You'll notice it defaults to the Delivery Location. Click on the "Other Location" tab to make a change.

Enter an address and select a resulting address.

Call Off - Select Contact

As a reminder, the call off on-site contact defaults to the same contact used at delivery. You can change the contact by clicking on the " or change contact" link.

You can either select an existing contact, as you can see below, or add a new contact.

The contact is presented directly to the Supplier as the primary on-site person to contact.

When adding a new contact, supply Name, Phone - Mobile and Email. Click "Add Person" and you are done.

Last step! You have the choice to select who gets notified at your Supplier. The default is your initial contact, but you can select from others at your Supplier.

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