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In this article, we review the Delivery Status interface within the Asset Delivery, Operation & Call Off step of the Request feature.

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Past Steps are Now Read Only

Important - as soon as you accepted the winning quote, the details of your quote locked down and became read only for maximum protection.

Each step is indicated as read only through the eye icon, as you can see below. Hover over the icon to see helpful text.

Step 1 of 3 - Quote Confirmation

The first of three steps in the Delivery Status interface confirms the exact time that you accepted the winning quote. The time and date are confirmed.

At the same time, the IronUp platform notifies your Supplier of their winning quote. See the next step for more detail.

Step 2 of 3 - Supplier Confirmation

In the second step, the exact time Suppliers were made aware of their winning quote is confirmed. In that notification, details of your agreement are confirmed.

You'll notice the Delivery Window, as selected by you when building your RFQ, is reconfirmed here. This is also shared immediately with the Supplier.

Curious what the email notification to Suppliers looks like? See a snapshot below. In it, the Supplier is given all information to begin the process to fulfill your rental agreement. 

Note - the next step in the process is to track the delivery. The IronUp mobile app becomes the tool to track deliveries as well as complete delivery inspections.

Step 3 of 3 - Delivery Confirmation

In the third and final step, the Delivery Status, is indicated. Promptly upon arrival, click the Confirm Delivery button, as shown below. This feature is important for documenting the condition and arrival time of the assets, so it's critical you do it immediately upon arrival.

Note - this feature is also built into the IronUp Mobile App. Find out how to download.

After clicking to Confirm Delivery, you'll be prompted to check a box to confirm that the delivery has arrived. If it hasn't arrived yet, you can click the X to close this window and come back when the assets are confirmed on site.

Enter the time of arrival and the condition the assets arrived in on your jobsite. Note that this condition applies to all assets that were included in the request. 

After you click Done, the IronUp system automatically calculates if the delivery was On-Time (within the Delivery Window).

Excellent! You've made your way successfully through Asset Details, the first step in Asset Delivery, Operation & Call Off. Next, fill out the Asset Details.

Confirming Delivery via Mobile App

Did you know you can also confirm delivery in the IronUp mobile app? More info on how to download.

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