Asset Details - Quantity, Age & Comments

In Asset Details - Quantity, Age & Comments, we'll share with you how to put the final touches on the asset details of your request. Make clear:

  • how many assets you want for this type of equipment
  • if you have a maximum age requirement
  • any additional comments, or capabilities requirements, you'd like to specify

In this article

Identify Quantity

Select the number of units you'd like for this type of equipment.

Maximum Age Requirement

Do you work in more extreme environments and need newer, more guaranteed-reliable equipment? Specify the maximum age of equipment that you will accept.

Note - this is optional.

Additional Comments

Here, add any additional comments for your Rental Suppliers to consider. Looking for things to include here? Try:

  • Technical capabilities or configurations
  • Emphasize timelines
  • Confirm communication methods

Congrats! You finished the Asset Details end of your RFQ. Now, move on to "Other Details" (think Terms and Conditions details).

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