User Roles

IronUp has different roles that offer different capabilities, representing different responsibilities within your organization.

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Matrix of Role Features and Capabilities

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Request Builder

A Request Builder is a default role in your Iron Up account. Any user can be a Request Builder, as which you have full access to all features, including:

  • Creation and ownership of the RFQ building, Supplier Selection, and Quote Review Features
  • Supplier ownership
  • Access to all Assets Features
  • Access to all Suppliers Features
  • Access to all Projects Features

Do you have a centralized equipment management team that manages all Supplier interactions and contracts?

They are the ideal Request Builders in your organization.

Shipping Contact

The Shipping Contact is:

  • An add-on role - an extra responsibility that can be added to any existing user with another role, above
  • A one-time responsibility assigned to a person not in the IronUp system

The Shipping Contact is assigned during the RFQ building process for any Request. This person only needs to have a mobile phone number provided and is the point of contact when a rental is delivered on-site.


If you're the first user to onboard for your organization, congratulations - you're an Admin!

Admins have all of the privileges and permissions of the standard Request Builder, but with a few added abilities.

As an Admin, you can:

  • Add new users and/or edit existing user accounts (including other Admins)
  • Delete user accounts
  • Modify your organizational settings related to Ideal to Call Off, Utilization thresholds, and more
  • Create and edit Projects

Only an Admin user can create a new Admin user, so if you are a standard user and need access to an Admin-only feature, contact your Admin for upgrades.

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