How should rental suppliers use Messaging?

In this article, we show you how to use the built-in Messaging service of IronUp to contact renters.

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Message Interface

You can find the link to messages in the top right (see below) or via this direct link.

Sending a Message

Sending a message is like any other text messaging service. Type it in, hit "Send" on the right.

For advanced controls, click the gear icon. 

Mobile Availability

To send messages on your phone, just make sure you're logged in on a browser and the messages feature will work through IronUp online. See a snapshot below.

We're considering alerting you via SMS when a message is sent. If you'd like this feature, please let our product team know.

Notification of Message via Email

We also will notify you of new messages via email. See a snapshot below (you and your renters share the same message - the "Acme Rentals" below would be the name of your customer's company").

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