Using the Demo Platform

In this article, we showcase the Demo Mode and explain how to use it to explore the functionality of IronUp.

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When to Use Demo Mode

The IronUp Demo Mode has many potential uses, depending on your experience with equipment rentals and how long you’ve been using IronUp. Below are just a few of the ways it can be utilized.

  • Test Drive: this is the most common request! Sign up for an account and give it a test drive to see how you feel about the application before bringing it online for your equipment and operations teams.
  • Practice: for new users of IronUp, it can be daunting putting together a complex Request or sending in that first service issue. Use the Demo Mode to test the mechanics and ensure you’ve seen around the corners for your needs before using it on any real requests.
  • Internal Training: for more advanced users of IronUp, Admins can use the Demo Mode to conduct their own onboarding and training of new users. Since all users have access to the same 10 pre-built scenarios in the Demo Mode, it’s easy for new users to follow along over the course of the training session. 
  • External Rental: for equipment teams looking to expand their operations into sophisticated internal rental or external rental operations, using the Demo Mode is a great way to see how the interface will work when they formally take on the role of equipment Supplier. 

No matter the reason, using the IronUp Demo Mode is a great way to quickly familiarize yourself with how the application will work in your organization.

How to Navigate the Demo Mode

If you’re a new IronUp user, you’ll be prompted to jump into the Demo Mode immediately after your first login. 

If you miss that chance, don’t worry! You can access the Demo Mode at any time by clicking on the Demo icon in the bottom left navigation bar.

Once inside the Demo Mode, you’ll see a bright red navigation bar at the top of every screen. Inside this bar are controls which allow you to switch between Renter and Supplier roles, and toggle between different personas within the Renter role. 

The Renter Experience

The Renter Demo Mode Experience consists of 10 pre-build scenarios which span the full cycle of rental operations using IronUp. There are several pre-built requests awaiting supplier selection, several requests which require a winner selection, and several requests in the asset operations and payment stages. 

These requests also include sample assets, usage reporting, service issues, inspection reports, files, and call off requests. 

Additionally, you can create new requests and add existing rental requests to the demo mode, and you can modify these pre-build scenarios in any way.

Note - any new requests you create will be blocked at the Send RFQ stage, since there are no real Suppliers connected to the Demo Mode.

Not sure where to begin? Get started by creating a new rental request or head back into the Knowledgebase for inspiration!

The Supplier Experience

Knowing how important Supplier partners are to successful rental operations, the Demo Mode provides a way for Renter users to experience a Supplier’s interface. 

To access this, switch your role from Renter to Supplier in the red Demo Mode navigation bar at the top of your screen.

Once the Supplier Demo Mode loads, you’ll be able to interact with the same sample data and scenarios. 

Click on the request with Quote Response needed to walk through responding to an RFQ, or check out the Invoices section to see how Suppliers can supply you and your team with documentation during the rental agreement. 

Demo Mode Limitations

In order to make the Demo Mode experience as meaningful as possible for all users, there are some limitations to what Renters can do inside the Demo Mode.

  • No Saved Data - every 24 hours the Demo Mode environment is wiped and reset. That means no requests, assets, or documents added to the Demo Mode will be available after the reset. 
  • No Real Contacts - there are no real Supplier users or contacts connected to the Demo Mode. All contact names are randomly generated; any similarity to actual supplier contacts is completely coincidental.
  • No Messages - the Messages feature is disabled inside the Demo Mode, since there are no real Suppliers available to communicate with.
  • No Emails - all email triggers within IronUp are disabled. Usage Reports, Call Offs, Service Issues, and RFQ notifications will not be sent.
  • No Plan Management - all Demo Mode users are put into the same plan, and there’s no access to change your billing plan or feature access.
  • Limited Data - for performance purposes, the Demo Mode has some data limitations in place.
    • Suppliers: Limited to 4 distinct suppliers
    • Branches: Limited to branches located in Georgia (our home state!)
    • Equipment: Limited to a small sample of Construction Equipment
  • No Mobile App Experience: the Demo Mode is currently limited to the IronUp web application and is not available inside the IronUp Jobsite application.

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