Downloadable Reports Dashboard

In this article, we introduce the Reports features of IronUp, which allows you to view and export detailed data tables from your IronUp account.

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Using the Reports Dashboard

From anywhere in IronUp, click on the Reports button in the menu on the left of your screen to view Reports.

On this screen, you'll see all of the available reports, as well as a quick description, their general Report Subject, and likely Use Cases.

You can use the Filters at the top of the page to search by Report Name, Report Subject, and Use Case to find the report you want.

Note - can't find a report you are looking for, or have an idea for a new report you'd like to see? Submit your idea here.

Once you have found the report you're looking for, click on "View Report" to open it and begin viewing your data.

Want to learn more? Check out the guides to some of our reports, like the Asset Usage Reporting report, to see how these tables are built and what you can do with them. 

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