What can Admins do?

This article provides detail on the controls, and responsibilities, of Admin users.

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Creating an Admin User

Important - the first user created on any new IronUp account is automatically assigned to be the Admin. 

Not interested in being an Admin? Create a new user via the "Users" link in the left navigation (visible to Admins). Then click on "Add User" in the top.

Then in the last step of creating the user, make sure to mark "Yes" when asked "Would you like to grant this user Admin-level access?".

Need more help creating new users? See here.

Adding and Modifying Any User

To create any user for your organization, you again to to the Users > Add User controls. The process starts, below.

Important - you are responsible for adding new users for your organization. Want to share that responsibility? Make sure you mark anyone you want to be able to create users to have "Admin" level access when creating their new user accounts.

Modifying Organizational Settings

Admins are responsible for modifying organizational settings, which includes at minimum:

  • Calculation methodology of the "Ideal to Call Off" feature
  • For utilization calculation, the number of workable hours per month. Default = 176 hours.
  • Across IronUp, many features use a "utilization threshold". This is the minimum acceptable for your organization. Default = 40%.

Adding and Modifying Supplier Contacts

Today, only Admins can add and edit Supplier contacts. Admins will see the "Add Contact" in the top left of the "Contacts" tab for a specific supplier. See below.

Think that other users, not just admins, should be able to add Supplier contacts? Let our product team know.

To the right of each contact, if phone number exists, you will see an edit icon.

Who Should Get Access?

For each Project / Site Location:

Project Leader - 1 user. This is your Superintendent or other role responsible for rental at the point of delivery. More on their access. 

Shipping Contact - at least 1 user. Add all the possible people that could be responsible for confirming delivery. The mobile app is the primary way to denote key information regarding delivery and call off.

Usage Reporter - at least 1 user. Weekly, a notification will be sent to update the total hours on the relevant machines to drive utilization reporting and cost reduction analytics.

For Equipment Management:

There are no specific roles for equipment management. Should you have an equipment management staff, you can  customize their access when adding them as users.

For example - want to make sure users can only access a list of saved suppliers? When adding the user, remove their ability to see "Discover Suppliers".

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