Detailed Quote in Review

In this interface, we'll walk you through the Detailed Quote interface, available through the Quote in Review Dashboard interface.

In this article

This interface is designed to mimic standard rental quote layouts and make very clear what's been provided.

Contact Details

At the top, you'll see standard quote details:

  • Jobsite details
  • Customer details
  • Customer number
  • IronUp Quote ID
  • Quote Date
  • Sales Person (person who created the quote in IronUp)

Below this, you'll see a list of information that is your full quote:

  • Total Costs with Breakdown
  • Rental Item Details
  • Surcharges
  • Service Agreement
  • Overhours Rate Multipliers

Total Costs with Breakdown

Here you'll see the breakdown of the total expense by:

  • Rental rate component
  • Surcharges component
  • Tax component

Rental Items Details

Here, the details of the assets and your use of alternative types is indicated.


If you included surcharges (4 kinds, remember), you'll see those here.

Service Agreement

The details of your service agreement commitments are confirmed here.

Overhours Rate Multipliers

The details of your supplied rate multipliers are shown in this section.

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