Quote in Review Dashboard

In this article, we show you how to understand the "Quote in Review" dashboard interface.

In this article

Quote in Review Dashboard

The interface, above, is designed to give you a transparent communication of what you submitted and the acceptance status of your quote. 

Time Remaining to Quote

In the top left, if the deadline for your quote has not passed, you will see the amount of remaining time, in hours, to supply your quote.

Below, we show you the time remaining when the deadline has passed.

Table Details

Within the table, you see all of the details of your quote. In the next few screenshots, we'll break them down in detail.

The first image contains three pieces of information:

  • Branch Address: your information and branch, from which the equipment will come
  • Status & Response Time: the status of your quote, of which there are 3 - "In Review", "Accepted" and "Declined"
  • Messaging Link: one-click start a message conversation with the renter contact

Then, look to the right. Below is the next five columns:

  • Total Cost inc Tax: this = Rental Expense (to right) + Surcharge Expense (to right) + Tax (not broken out in columns)
  • Rental Expense: this is from what you provided in "Other Details"
  • Surcharge Expense: this is from what you provided in "Other Details"
  • Asset Availability: this is from your "Asset Details" submission - it indicates to what extent you used alternative types, if allowed
  • Guaranteed Service Times: this indicates the guaranteed services times for a service issue response. This is from what you provided in "Other Details"

Lastly, there are three more columns:

  • Overhours Details / Rate Multipliers: this is from what you provided in "Other Details"
  • Distance: in miles, this is the distance from the supplying branch to the delivery location, as driven
  • Damage Terms: this is from what you provided in "Other Details"

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