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In this article, we walk you through the first step in responding to the RFQ / building your quote - "Basic Info"

In this article

Basic Info Screen

Above, is the screen we will walk you through here - "Basic Info". It is the first step in the "Quote Response Needed" phase of your RFQ, which is the first of four phases in the rental agreement manager (see below).

Note - each of the four phases below are gated, unlocked at the right time. When building your quote, you will only work within the "Quote Response Needed" phase.

Below is a closeup of the 3 steps within "Quote Response Needed":

  • Basic Info: understanding critical, basic aspects of the RFQ
  • Asset Details: confirming asset availability and details
  • Other Details: identifying other, contract-focused aspects of your quote

Basic Info Details

Next, is an overall view of most critical information provided in the RFQ:

  • On-Site Due Date
  • (On-Site) End Date
  • # Calendar Days
  • Delivery Window
  • # Expected Invoices
  • Project (of the Renter)

Additionally, we provide the following information:

  • Spend history for this customer and immediate identification if they are a "Potential Customer" (spend = 0) or an "Existing Customer" (spend >0"
  • Comment from renter, if provided
  • Link, in bottom right, to directly message the renter via the IronUp platform. Find out more why our messaging system is highly effective - direct and 100% rental.

Looking closer at the supplier information at the top, you can see that the requested agreement start and end dates are provided. 

Regarding the time, that is not an indication of the delivery window (that's later).

We instantly calculate the # Calendar Days, so you can immediately understand which rental rates are best and the relative value of the agreement to you.

Next is the Delivery Window, the # expected invoices (also communicated to renters, so they can anticipate invoices better) along with the Project Name. 

The Project is an important thing for the renter - it's how they organize their rental agreements within IronUp.

Customer History

Looking closer at the customer information provided, we pull sales history to give you quick context, important to understanding who this customer is and how often the do business with you. We denote if they are an existing customer or a new/potential customer, according to stored invoice history.

Should the renter have a specific comment to add, we'll include that here, too.

The IronUp messaging service is built directly into the quoting process, so you can message the renter directly and get a response and in context.

Decline Participation

Don't want to supply a quote? No worries. Click "I Decline Participating in This RFQ" and you're done.

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