Delivery Status

In this article, we dive into the Delivery Status interface.

In this article

Delivery Not Confirmed

On this screen, the timeline from quote acceptance/rental agreement to the delivery window/target time is communicated, along with details of the delivery's completion.

Your customer has controls to confirm the delivery and the condition of the delivery. Done via mobile app or online web app, they mark:

  • The date and time of delivery
  • The condition of the delivery: acceptable or not acceptable

That information is shared with you here.

What should you do if the delivery is marked not acceptable? IronUp does not attempt to manage that discussion between you both. Feel free to message them or use other methods to communicate with them.

Delivery Confirmed

Below is what you will see if a delivery is confirmed. You can now see:

  • Delivery Time
  • Condition

The next step is "Asset Details" and it is not available for viewing.

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