Service Issue Alerts

In this article, we show you how to manage Service Issue Alerts from your customers.

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Service Issues Dashboard

Your customers have controls which allow them to notify you of a Service Issue with one of your machines. IronUp makes this process fast and consistent for both your customer and you.

When a user has a service issue, they:

  • Go to controls for the asset impacted (unique controls for renters)
  • Start a new Service Issue Alert. They include comments and the alert is automatically sent to you with all details (see below). You are notified via email. Each Service Issue alert is attached a unique id for easy searching.
  • You use the Service Issue Dashboard, below, to see all open issues with this customer. 
  • You and the customer may attach notes to the Service Issue Alert for documentation and communication.
  • Once the issue is addressed, the Service Issue Alert may be closed by the renter and the asset status denoted as "In Use".

Managing a Specific Service Issue Alert

Below, is what you see when you click on a specific Service Issue Alert.  It's composed of details at the top and a notes section, below.

Service Issue Alert - Details

The top of the Service Issue Alert contains critical details:

  • Start time and date
  • End time and data (if completed)
  • Status ("Down, Non-PM Work" or "Down, PM Work")

Service Issue Alert - Notes

Have comments you want to share with your customer? Details on the fix or a new machine? Mention those in the Notes section.

In the "Details" tab, see the original details of the issue in a read-only format.

Service Issue Dashboard - Details

Going back to the main dashboard, you can see critical attributes of each Service Issue Alert.

Note - the response time, as measured by initial response and final resolution, is measured automatically.

The Initial Response, Guarantee - this is pulling in from the terms you supplied in your original quote. We share them here, as a reminder. If available, initial response and final resolution targets are created using this information.

When your user marks the Service Issue Alert completed by moving the asset into "In Use" status, the "Final Resolution, Actual" is noted. 

The last column, "Variance", 

Why is this important and good for you, as a Supplier? Because measuring the time to get a down machine back in service is a top 3 KPI for renters. This allows you to prove your performance in a non-negotiable way.

Service Issue Email Notification

IronUp quickly and promptly notifies you via email whenever there is a Service Issue Alert.

See the email below, which includes:

  • The make and model of the asset
  • The unique serial number or VIN of the asset
  • The customer
  • The IronUp Request number (for sorting within IronUp, if you like)
  • The asset location
  • Links to directly message the customer via IronUp. IronUp messaging is direct and 100% rental.

Service Issue Alert - No Alerts

No Service Issue Alerts? Fantastic. You'll see the screenshot, below.

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